Technology brief:

      Super large injection size technology developed by Tederic, combine the dual-stage extrusion plasticizing, injection mechanism and four-cylinder synchronized injection technology together. It is with advantages of super-size injection size, balanced plasticizing, precise and stable injection, high efficiency and energy saving, etc. It's mainly applied to production of filter press plate, super large pipe fittings and large scale thick wall plastic products.



      • Space efficiency: compact design and shaping,

      • Extra large volume injection: dual-stage extrusion plasticizing and injection mechanism, to achieve super large volume injection molding;

      • Stable and precision injection: synchronized four cylinder injection with large injection pressure;

      • High quality and speed plasticizing: Screw L/D ratio enlarged to 33:1 or 35:1, makes the plasticizing more fast, balanced and effective, while air cooling temperature control device is furthermore engaged coupled with special airing program, to avoid overheating and ensure stable temperature and quality in plasticizing;

      • Patented innovation: patented invention of automated clearing and color changing mechanism, achieve clearing of residual in barrel and plunger end prior to injection;

      • Flexible combination: with either horizontal or vertical clamping mechanism, to achieve extrusion-molding or injection molding;



      • Filter press plate

      • Large-scale pipe fittings

      • Large-scale thick wall product

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